Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tour of Nilgiris

Life isn't a game that you stop it as and when you like. It is life, you ought to give warnings, warnings, and more of it before you decide to stop. Your misconceptions or fears can hold you back from accomplishing something great. Its really amazing to see 40 odd cycling enthusiasts(am sure tat there will be more next year) around 3 states for a weeks time to experience the sheer thrill and WAT AN EXPERIENCE this will be!! am trying my best to tell people bout this, cause my job involves meeting a lot of people, and a lot of them have shown interest in it. This route chosen will pass through some of the most beautiful places and the journey will be awesome. I might have gone through the same route more than 200 times in all modes of transport but this one thing i could never make it on a bicycle. Its really nice to see the kind of awareness that TFN is promoting, Cycling is all about momentum, the amount of knowledge and confidence that you can pick up by doing this is fantastic. The support from the community is overwhelming and its amazing to see so many getting involved in making this the next Tour de france.

Cycling provides a great way to explore both its natural splendor and fascinating heritage. The whole entourage will pass through some of the most beautiful forests in south India, spectacular water falls on the way to ooty from sultanbathery. The journey From sultanbathery to ooty will be the most challenging route, and one of the most beautiful too! Not to mention, it's one heck of a journey. Once on the road you always think why didn't I do this earlier, am sure thats how the experience will be. If only I knew where i'd be in ten years time, i'd choose now to swap that for a life in mountains, with summers spent cycling the country side.

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